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Meet our team. We’re excited to work with you!

  • Alicia Graham
    Alicia Graham
  • Angie Kloosterman
    Angie Kloosterman
  • Cristyn Gunnink
    Cristyn Gunnink
  • Dave Herrema
    Dave Herrema
  • Dean Pasma
    Dean Pasma
  • Denise VanderHeide
    Denise VanderHeide
  • Isaiah Noble
    Isaiah Noble
  • Jeron Pasma
    Jeron Pasma
  • Kim Van Engen
    Kim Van Engen
  • Lindsey Brander
    Lindsey Brander
  • Liz Le Febre
    Liz Le Febre
  • Matt Gage
    Matt Gage
  • Mike Mesman
    Mike Mesman
  • Sharon Gallup
    Sharon Gallup
  • Sue Jonker
    Sue Jonker
  • Zach Herrema
    Zach Herrema